Wednesday, October 3, 2012


These are the birthdays
When 43 and 21together
Trips to the hardware store
Hot tamales (2 boxes! Extra big!)
Moose track ice cream (but the light kind because, ahem, our middles are out where we can see them)
And only one tube of crescent rolls (for the same reason) even when all four of us could eat a tube ourselves
Dinner bookended by work phone calls and church meetings and emails we need to send
When the birthday cards are still in a box somewhere
Or truth be told, spilled half out on the floor of my new den
The dishwasher is loaded but there are dry dishes in the drying rack that need to be put away
And more things in the sink that need to be washed by hand
The ground turkey that is meant to go in the crockpot for chili in the morning is still in the wrapper
And there is no present money left after mortgages and oh yeah, those trips to the hardware store
When my list and your list of what needs to get done before the weekend don’t always match up
But we’ll muddle through, laughing anyway
And I'll gleefully point out that we're the same age (for the next 7 1/2 weeks)
And there will be an hour of peace and quiet when you get home
Because we carve it out, and make it so
It’s too wet to sit on the porch tonight
But we’ll spend 10s and 10s more birthdays there

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