Monday, March 5, 2012

Nurturing a Dream

Photo by Uwe Hermann

Anyone who has known me for a while, especially in the context of church in Spain, has probably heard me talk about how I'd love to live in/facilitate a compound/commune :) I am a strong believer in community; the kind of community that is messy and painful and beautiful and heart-wrenching and healing and whole. It is, frankly, hard to find in today's world, even in today's church. It's a bit ironic that I long for it so much, because I am an introvert. But honestly, I have experienced it, and I don't want to live without it.

We have never owned a home, having either been on the way to the mission field or ON the mission field. We've been married for 20 years and have rented for all those years. But now that we are back in the United States, the dream of owning a little piece of something is more of a possibility. Granted, we have no down payment, and we have some debt we need to pay off before we can get into home ownership. While it will be so fun to have a house that we can do WHATEVER we want with structurally, the thing about it that gets my heart pumping most is being able to SHARE it. We don't want a big living space, but we do want room enough to share, room enough to grow community. 

I don't know why I am writing about it: maybe it's mostly to give myself permission to keep hanging onto this dream. For many, it is a ridiculous notion. But more than anything, I long for a home that we can share, a place where we can make home for those who need it.
698. Paying attention to how my body feels instead of the numbers on the scale.
699. Medical insurance that pays for eye exams.
700. Spring is on the way!
701. A sleepy husband with droopy eyes.
702. Coffee-pot set for 5:30 am


  1. May Jesus bring about your dream in a surprising way, Heather. He is big enough.

  2. I join you in this dream, honey. God is able to do what we feel is impossible. Praying and believing...


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