Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lenten Gratitude: Palm Sunday Eve

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I have been noting my gratitude quietly...the daily posting here seemed like a show for awhile, so I gave it a rest.

739. A week off of work during Holy Week. I love, love, love having time and space during this week.
740. Planning for a Seder on Wednesday night, and the delightful details that come with at least 17 crowded around our table. That's exactly how I like it best.
741. Snuggling with my littlest boyo (and the dog) on the couch, by candlelight during Earth Hour tonight.
742. A new laptop even though my old one has not died yet. These 43-year old eyes are appreciating the bigger screen :)
743. Beautiful, Christ-centered music at the concert last night (The Brilliance and Gungor.)
744. A lovely, leisurely Saturday. Sleeping in, naps, errands with the hubby (luxurious library, pharmacy, two grocery stores).
745. Time this week to cook, something that feeds my soul when I don't have to squeeze it in between work and the rest of life.
746. Fresh flowers to welcome the best landlady ever home.
747. Anticipating the creaking of the wooden floors upstairs which means that Judy is home.
748. My husband's running commentary on the hockey game.
749. Hockey players with last names that make us giggle. (not in a mocking way)
750. Though I don't care a fig about March madness, you can bet we'll be glued to the NHL playoffs :)
751. Filling Easter eggs for church with candy and soul words.
752. The relaxation that comes with no work for a week.
753. Candlelight even when Earth Hour has been over for more than an hour.

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  1. Me likey the expression "soul words." Gonna steal it.

    I'm glad you get some space to breathe this week, lovey.


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