Monday, February 20, 2012

Waiting for Lent

I started writing this post, and then I looked back at a previous post that I wrote for Lent and found myself repeating myself almost verbatim :) I'm going to leave it as I had it, but it definitely confirms the importance of Lent in my life. If you want to read what I wrote in February 2010, it's here.

I have mentioned before that I did not grow up observing Lent. While we were church-planting and pastoring in Spain, we adopted a lot of "ancient-future" spiritual practices. Now, several years down the road, I find myself looking forward to Lent every year. It has proved to be such a good spiritual season for me that I almost crave it every year.

At the beginning, and for the first few seasons of Lent, I gave things up. Facebook, chocolate, etc. I find it interesting that in the post I linked to above, I talked about writing more letters, and just scanning them and emailing them to people. That never really materialized...but that obviously took root in my heart, because this year (2012) I am hoping to write someone a hand-written note every day.

I am still processing what this Lent will look for me. One of the things that I realized last year was that Lent is supposed to including feast days every Sunday. That adds another beautiful layer into the season for me.

Here's what I DO know.
  • I have been REALLY struggling with getting my weight to come down, and getting back into a regular exercise routine since we moved in July. We still have not arrived at a definitive dosage for my thyroid medication, so I keep hoping that each higher dose is finally going to be the one that does the trick. At any rate, I believe that I need to view exercise as worship. So during Lent, I will be doing SOME kind of exercise for at least 15 minutes every day except Sunday. Even if it just means a walk around the block, I think that until exercise becomes a spiritual practice for me, I will struggle with it. This is the main things I will be adding.
  • Daily gratitude. Last year I kept daily track of gratitude. I have been lax with this practice lately, so I want to do it again this year.
  • I'll also be doing only 15 minutes per day of de-cluttering and working on things I can give away. I want to constantly be working on keeping the "stuff" in my life to a minimum.
I'm mindful of my tendency to overburden myself with lists so ambitious that I set myself up for failure, so I may tweak things a bit. There are a couple of other things I am pondering, but I want to mull them over a bit more.


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