Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday #12

  1. Here's hoping that I can actually come up with 7 things :) The last few times I have tried to do a 7 Quick Takes, I gave up.
  2. Moving when both adults are still working full-time is for the birds! Over the past many years, we've always had the breathing space to unpack and get settled fairly quickly and efficiently. This time, I feel like it's going to be FOREVER before things are in place. Of course, some of that is not up to us. Things like needing to get our security deposit back from the old place so that we can purchase a couple of pieces of furniture that we need are making us wait a bit to finish up.
  3. That said, we love our new apartment. Yes, there are things we have given up, like a dishwasher, a storage room, washer/dryer in our unit, ice-maker ;) etc. But the living room is HUGE and glorious and so is the dining room. Our ginormous Ikea table that has been squeezed into spaces for years now has it's own room to do it justice :)
  4. I think we have found the best landlady of all time. She is generally all around a sweetheart. The day we moved in, we arrived to find dinner and dessert in the fridge, and plates, cutlery, serving pieces and even treats for the dog on the counter.
  5. I'm grateful for summer things for our kids. Meg is participating in something called Freshman Connection at her new high school, and it's so good to see her thriving and opening up to new experiences. Nic has been going to a day camp through the Chicago Park District, and he has been enjoying that as well.
  6. Moving wreaked havoc with eating well and exercising :( Next week we are resetting and going back to eating well and I am going to get back on the rower. I am definitely much more aware now of how what I eat and my level activity does to how I feel, so that is a very good thing. I'm looking forward to feeling better and getting back on track with my weight loss goals.
  7. I have now had this post open for several hours :) But hey, at least I made it to 7!
Have a great weekend, everyone.
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