Monday, June 27, 2011

Counting and Moving and Counting Again

We moved on Saturday, and are still in the processing of unpacking in the new place and getting the old place put to rights so we can hand it back in great shape. I'm tired and sore, but happy and grateful...

619. Helping hands on moving day.
620. No drama, hassles or accidents with the 26 foot moving truck.
621. A wonderful landlady who left us dinner in the fridge, and plates, silverware, serving utensils and treats for the dog.
631. Feeling more and more at home in our new flat, more than we thought we would.
632. Fragrant flowering trees on our street that welcome us home.
633. Friends who brought BBQ and pie.
634. New church friends who invited us to their house for lunch on Sunday.
635. Day camp for Nic and Freshman Connection for Meaghan.
636. Constant opportunities to help our kids learn hard lessons in life

Monday, June 6, 2011

1000 Gifts, Again, Still

I have been so absent from my blog for so long...

A couple of days ago I was looking at my old blog and I was struck by how much I wrote, and often not about "deep" things. It was good to see a record of my days though. I really want to start doing that again :)

We have really been in transition, somewhat, for more than 2 years; as we decided about moving back to the US, the actual planning and move, and the almost year that we have been back. In a few weeks we will be moving yet again to a new apartment not that far away, so that Nic can go to a better school. We have finally found a church that feels like home to us (that was no small feat!) In many ways we are still starting again.

Anyway, that was a nice little ramble, eh?

607. A new apartment that we can hopefully stay in for the next 3 years (or until we can afford to buy a house.)
608. A landlady that trusted her gut feeling that we would be good tenants (including letting us have a dog.)
609. The likelihood that we'll be be able to move on a weekend (so we can browbeat our friends into helping us move.)
610. Daisy, our little Nissan Altima that has been reliably getting us around.
611. Connecting on a deeper level at church on Sunday.
612. Sermons that convict.
613. The smell of lilacs heavy in the air around the building where I work.
614. Secret surprises up our sleeves :)
615. Giggling/cackling and wrestling matches between Troy and the kids.
616. Recent visits with family.
617. Watching Wings on Netflix (we used to watch it a loooooong time ago!)
618. Warmer weather.

Here's to more frequent updates!

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