Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lenten Gratitude: Day 3

Purple, originally uploaded by Allie's.Dad.

441. Realizing that some of my goals for Lent are probably from my own systematic brain and not from the Holy Spirit's nudge.
442. Freedom to adjust my expectations.
443. Video chats with Elizabeth.
444. Remembering now that Nic's passport needs renewing.
445. My husband's self-discipline and the example it sets for me.
446. Creativity.
447. My kids doing stuff together.
448. Recognizing judgmental thoughts in my head and giving them up to the One who loves us all the same, no matter what we may do.
449. Technology that allows us to have deeper empathy and better knowledge about how to pray for the people in Japan.
450. An exuberant body-wagging dog every morning.
451. A trip to the museum with a friend for Troy (I'm not a big museum person, but my hubby is!)
452. Taking Meg to the library.
453. Nic being tickled pink to get his new glasses today.
454. Watching Secretariat as a family + Ben :)

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