Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday #11

It has been about eleventy billion days since I last wrote a blog post. Better late than never, eh? I was going to be clever and have a photo for every number, but that's just not happening...

  1. A few weeks ago I felt a bit under the weather at work one day. When my nurse co-worker took my temp, it was 102.7. That marked the beginning of two weeks where I was sick and then just completely worn out. I feel like I lost two weeks of my life. I'm glad to be feeling better again and to have energy to start using the rowing machine again.
  2. Since we started eating better on January 4, I have, as of today, lost 10 pounds! I still want to lose around 20 (+/-) more. I'll re-evaluate as I get closer to my goal. I'm thrilled to see the first 10 gone though. We have made some quite radical changes in what/how we eat, and I think these are becoming normal for us now. Hopefully this will improve our long-term health.
  3. Even thought I have enjoyed winter (I haven't minded the cold or even the gray skies...snow makes it all better in my book :) ) We had a blast experiencing the blizzard of 2011, with its more than 2 feet of snow and 2 snow days! I have to say, though, that the past couple of days have been exhilarating. The sun has been out, the sky beautifully blue, the clouds feathery. It has been warm enough to drive with the window down and sunglasses on. I'm sure spring is not here quite yet, but the promise of it is enough.
  4. Troy is away at a conference for a few days. I never am more annoyed and impatient with the dog than when he is gone. She really does need her Alpha in the house. Bother. Even though she looks like this a lot of the time, it's all an act!

  5. God is so cool about encouraging me. Yesterday at work I was feeling a bit limited by the scope of my position, but today was much, much better. So cool.
  6. Troy and I have been doing so much more as a team lately, and it's great! In the past I have done our finances, but this past month we tackled them together. We came up with an adjusted budget and this month we have done so much better with sticking to the plan. We've also been doing more grocery shopping together. In the past I preferred to go alone, with no hubby or kids. I like to wander around and take my time. Now that we are working at eating better, we've been planning meals and shopping more together. Since the kids are older now, we treat it like a little date :).
  7. I am so proud of my hubby. We have lost a significant amount of financial support since we have transitioned to ministry in the US. He has been spending a TON of time and energy looking for part-time work. He's not too proud to work anywhere, and it's a huge blessing to me that he takes such good care of us. 
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      1. Heather,
        I was thrilled to see your post back on my reader! YAY! So sorry that you were sick and glad that you are now feeling better. I hate to even mention this but I have not been sick this season...except for menopause woes, which are completely ongoing!!
        I hope you have a restful weekend!


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