Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the New Year Right

Start of Something New, originally uploaded by Taylor.McBride™.

I'm actually enjoying winter. I'm sad that our snow all melted; now all the debris of life is glaringly obvious.

This picture reminds me of fresh starts, though.

Here are a few things I have done so far to "start the new year right."

1. Cleaning out/organizing my email accounts and inbox. Whew, what feels better!

2. Decluttering my laptop desktop.

3. Writing important dates that I already know about on my calendar. I like flipping over the new month knowing that the basics are already there.

Still on the to-do list:

4. Give my desk a once-over to get rid of clutter and stuff I don't need.

5. Clean out the fridge. Our fridge here has glass shelves instead of the rack type things. And those shelves are nasty right now :( Now you know why it's still ON the to-list.

I'm still working on my full goal list for 2011 :)

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