Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year

New Years, about to unfurl, originally uploaded by Darwin Bell.

Truth be told, I am somewhat at odds with the New Year's holiday. I mostly don't like to stay up late and we are not big party people. Many New Year's Eves we are asleep before 12.

But while I don't really enjoying ringing IN the New Year, I do love the new year. Weird, I know. But I love the new beginning. It's a bit ridiculous, really, because every day can be a new year.

It is what it is though. I tend to set goals more than make resolutions. In the past, they have often been over-ambitious, and loftily unattainable (sometimes laughably so) and yet I think just making them was soul-stretching in a way.

The past few years I have been in kind of a survival mode, but this year I feel ready to stretch again. Ready to set goals, even if they are too many or too hard. Perhaps some of them are more dreams than goals.

2011, here I come!

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