Saturday, October 16, 2010


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment", originally uploaded by WorldofArun (busy and way backed up).

I often have trouble being disciplined for more than five minutes consistently. I am really good at coming up with ridiculous, outrageous, unattainable hard goals for myself. I like systems, organization, putting things in place. I like the idea of things. But I am not so good about the follow-through.

I have found this kind of hard in this period of "waiting" that I am in. Part of me knows that I need to recognize that this time and space is a gift from God's hand to me. I arrived at this new chapter of life pretty tired out, both emotionally, spiritually and physically. I know I have needed this time to recharge, process and let my "tank" start getting filled up again.

But I can be lazy, too. There is plenty to do, and sometimes I will blink and find the whole morning has gone by while I surfed the internet, watched TV, dorked around on Facebook, played Farmville, just generally avoided doing anything productive at all. I have MANY great ideas in my head about how I want to spend my time. But often they stay as ideas. Not good.

My spiritual director, Elizabeth, and I have often giggled because I come up with these mammoth to-do lists/expectation that there is NO way I can ever complete. It's like I just set myself up for failure. The thing is, I KNOW I have it in me to "be better". I have the skills, and when push comes to shove I do have the ability to just get things done. But I would feel a lot better if it wasn't feast or famine.

Truth is, I know the right things I need to do to get on track physically, spiritually and in my homemaking. So now I just need to remember this song, and just DO IT!

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  1. Get up offa that thing! <--Hah! - I love that. Thank you! I think most people struggle with this, and I definitely count myself among them. It is especially hard to have grace with yourself when you *know* you could do better. Sometimes I remember that it is not the individual tasks or issues that are so overwhelming, it's the whole picture put together that makes me want to avoid by puttering around; and that whole picture sometimes really is bigger than the sum of its parts. Somewhere I heard someone say, "One thing at a time, with the utmost of gentleness", and that has helped me to put some grace alongside that humor when I get up offa that thing and back to doing what I know needs doing. Speaking of which...


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