Friday, October 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday #9

  1. Can I just say one more time how much I love living in Chicago? We drove around today with our niece, Jessica. The city is even more beautiful than usual in the fall. We walked along the lake, hung out with dogs at Foster dog beach. I heart Chicago.
  2. Meg is away with her youth group at a retreat in Michigan this weekend. So glad she has this chance to do stuff like this! Grateful for a good youth group!
  3. So I hung out for a few hours at the health center where I will potentially be working. I enjoyed the people and felt like it would be a job where I can really make a difference. We'll see what happens next!
  4. We are enjoying a visit from our oldest niece, Jessica. Nothing like some girl time :) I'm gonna make her do my hair tomorrow!
  5. Nic started karate last week and he's super excited. Hopefully it is going to be good for his concentration and confidence. 
  6. Whew, Troy and I have both resolved that we need to lose weight! We did OK when we first got back, but we need to put a stop to the slow increase...but not until Jess leaves ;)
  7. I'm constantly amazed at what you can buy on Amazon. So far in my experience, the prices are good, the shipping fast and it's so convenient!
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