Friday, October 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday #10

So apparently I have become a Monday and Friday blogger. Oy vey. I really need to get it together and write something in the middle of  the week! But oh well, here we go...

  1. I have been brainstorming menus and meals for when I start working, because I know that things will run much more smoothly around here if I am organized and prepared. While I was thinking about it, I realized that this is the perfect time to get Meg in on learning to do this kind of thing. I want to help her learn to plan meals and cook, so she'll have regular nights when dinner is her deal, and I'll help her plan, prep etc. 
  2. I haven't heard "officially" about this job, but it seems all things are pointing to a yes. (Unless one of my references makes up a lot of lies about me ;) ) There are some more steps we have to move through but I am hoping that I will start training the last week of October (the person I would replace leaves at the end of the month.)
  3. It was amazing this week to watch the 24-hour process of rescuing the Chilean miners. I cried big fat tears every time another one came up. Wow.
  4. I met a new friend at church this week (after I stalked her on fb first ;} ) It feels really good to be starting to make connections here.
  5. I finally quit procrastinating and took the kids to the dentist this week (since we HAD to turn forms into school by today.) It was a relief to find that the office we chose within walking distance to our house has kind people working there. Hopefully going to the dentist will become less stressful.
  6. Halloween here in America is kind of freaking me out a little. I am somewhat blown away by the extensive decorating people do to their yards and houses, the sheer quantity of costumes at the stores, it's all a little creepy.
  7. We try and use natural cleaners/products in the house and have been trying to cut down on disposal things too (like paper products or wipes) but I have been missing having cleaning wipes especially for the bathroom. So when I saw this post on making your own wipes (that you can then wash) was the perfect solution! I am waiting to get my castile soap (haven't found it in stores around here) and then I'll be mixing up a batch of these :)
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