Monday, October 11, 2010

1000 Gifts

I woke up today kind of stressed because I have been procrastinating making dental appointments for the kids. But push has come to shove now, and I HAVE to turn the paperwork in my Friday to the school, or they can't go until it's done. I don't know why I always do this to myself! At any rate, I had a great skype appointment with Elizabeth, my spiritual director first. Then I sucked it up and made some calls and the kids have appointments for Wednesday. Now was that really that hard?

I am feeling a bit emotional tonight, but in a good way. God is good. I can see Him working in our lives. Not sure yet what exactly He'll do, where He'll put us, what we'll be involved in. But I know He's got a good plan.

Without further rambling...
316. A good visit with Jess.
317. Finally making dental appointments!
318. Beautiful leaves, warm days, pure bliss to be outside and enjoy God's creation.
319. Friends who don't care if you invite yourself over to watch football.
320. Neighborhood fall festivals just up the street.
321. A retreat for Meg with kids her age.
322. Good Greek food.
323. Unexpected connections.
324. Conversations on the front steps of church.
325. The possibility of a job where I can really make a difference.
326. L buying us dinner at church on Wednesday night.
327. Challenge to create through loss.
328. The Daily Examen, the Jesus prayer.
329. Elizabeth.
330. Books and magazines from the library.
331. Hope.
332. Sweet potato fries.
333. Finding Coffee Crisp and mint Aero bars at Jewel.
334. A wonderful husband to do transition with.
335. These many blessed weeks and hours that I have had to spend with my kids and hubby.
336. Gorgeous fall leaves against the backdrop of blue, blue sky.
337. Continued growth in life, and marriage.
338. Tears of gratitude.
339. Making someone laugh.
340. Hugs from my daughter after being apart.
341. Being blessed by reading what others are grateful for.

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