Monday, October 4, 2010

1000 Gifts

Troy has been better about writing stuff down in our gratitude book lately, but I am still making mental lists :) I have also started to remember to write things down in a small notebook I keep in my purse.

From Troy...
264.  Autumn
265. Meg making friends with Linnea
266. Watching Monday night football over at Dan & Kristen's
267. Playing catch with Nic
268. Getting a baseball glove
269. Watching the Blackhawks on WGN
270. Meeting a new friend who wants to plant a church here in Chicago
271. Walking a prayer labyrinth at church on Sunday
272. Reading a good book about how leaders can help their church families to be more emotionally healthy
273. Unpacking our last box
274. Heather's interview today.
275. Meg and Nic getting good reports for their first term of school
276. (From Meg) For an awesome youth group!
277. (Troy again) Nic's new class and teacher seem to suit him well
278. Time to wait
279. A full moon
280. Laughter
281. A phone call from an old friend
282. Blue sky
283. Meg and Nic doing the dishes!
284. Freedom in prayer
285. Watching my hubby find his niche here
286. Talking to a great organization (Heartland Alliance) about job possibilities with them
287. The fact that God ALWAYS knows what is best for me even when I think I do
288. Beginning to get to know people at church
289. A three-week series on prayer in Sunday school.
290. Community and laughter in Sunday school
291. Changing leaves
292. Being around older Christians again who set a good example for me
293. The children "bringing the light" into church on Sunday morning
294. Really good pot roast
295. The Awareness Examen
296. Pray As You Go
297. Looking forward to visits: Jessica, Eprise, Scott
298. Being drawn into prayer
299. Extra money in the budget this month to buy a few more things to help us feel more settled
300. Nic's excitement about starting karate
301. A wonderful Sunday afternoon sharing good food and heart-deep conversation about parenting and marriage with old friends
302. A hubby who will do silly things for me even at inconvenient times
303. Stirrings of motivation to get organized again
304. A school break for the kids
305. Birthdays
306. Dollar stores
307. Being content to live on little
308. Duvet weather and flannel jammies
309. Pumpkin spice creamer
310. Catching up with friends in Madrid
311. Pajama days
312. Communion, the Doxoly and the Lord's Prayer with other believers
313. Folk dancing, sweating, laughing
314. Seeing how much my children have grown
315. Urges to write again
316. Connection

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