Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mrs. Cranky-Pants

Today has not been great, but after a brief pity-party, I intend to be over it by tomorrow.

I was telling my spiritual director yesterday how I have had a strong sense of God granting us so many good things, things we have been hoping for and dreaming of.

Today, I found out that I did not get the second job I applied for at the nearby college. That was hard news; I really loved the people I met and the department seemed great to work in. I really wanted that job. The impression I got was that they thought I was overqualified for the job. This is gratifying, but also a bit discouraging because it's really the kind of job I want.

I know that God has the perfect job in mind for me. From my limited perspective, I can't imagine what that might be be.

But I do indeed believe that God sees me and knows what is best for me. So even though I had really hoped to start working on Monday, I will continue to believe that God is granting good things for us. Even though I really wanted to make a budget, I will continue to trust in God's timely provision for all our needs.

I have kind of been putting off blogging as something I would do when we returned to normal schedule, but since that may take a little longer than I hoped, I'm going to try and get back in a good rhythm again.


  1. so sorry heather. i too hate those kind of no's.

  2. Hi dear Heather,
    The next day for me brought my brother and sister-in-law's arrival and barely any breathing space, so I've just read this news now. I'm disappointed along with you but applaud your determination to walk in faith. Pop over to my site and have a look at the quote of the week about living in the border spaces. We'll live those together during these weeks as we wait on God's provision. A big hug!


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