Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday #7

  1. God has again been reminding me that I am not in charge of providing for my family. I'm only in charge of my own obedience to the things He asks me to do, the opportunities He gives me, my responses to Him. For weeks I have been putting my life "on hold" a little bit; putting things off "until I have a job." He has gently reminded me that until He answers, I need to do the best that I can with what I have NOW. 
  2. I am so glad the cooler weather is here! I'm still a bit shocked it came so Madrid, the scorching temps often followed us into September. But cooler weather makes me more motivated to do everything, especially cook :)
  3. I am praying that God is going to provide a way for me to attend Women of Faith this year. It's always such an encouragement to me. I'm dreaming of attending the one in Milwaukee with my friend Sabrina, so we'll see what God does :)
  4. I'm not getting anything to say this, but this stuff is still the best thing I have found to clean carpets. I have been using it for years. Our downstairs is carpeted, and the hallway in particular was pretty stained when we moved in. I got some of the Resolve this week and it looks so much better already!
  5. One of the best things about being back in America is getting to see people we love. I'm really excited that our niece Jessica is coming to visit in October, and my baby brother is coming for Thanksgiving. 
  6. Our friend Jennifer is lending us her car for a few months, and that is SUCH a blessing. It makes it easier to get around, and has bought us some much needed time to start saving to buy a car of our own.
  7. Sometimes you can learn good lessons from your dog :) Even though she has traits that get on my nerves, (EVERY.SINGLE.DAY) she teaches me about hope and never giving up. Every time she sees a squirrel, she just knows that this is the one that won't get away. That, and the fact that if you just keep looking, you'll probably find something tasty to snack on along the way. :)


  1. Good to see you again. Glad you're living en route and not just at your destinations.

  2. Well said, Dan :) Such a good reminder..


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