Monday, August 16, 2010

The Luxury of Time Together

holy experience

Troy arrived home on Saturday evening and we've been enjoying family time again.

193. Recognizing pettiness in my soul and choosing not to give in.
194. A good night's sleep before the first day of school.
195. A boy who is happy about Walmart shoes.
196. Squeaky clean dishes.
197. The pull-out sprayer on the kitchen sink faucet.
198. Wireless printing.
199. how gratitude breeds gratitude.
200. A cute sweater-coat for my slim girl.
201. Arctic orange milk-shake from McDonalds on a hot, muggy day.
202. Pretty cards and stationery.
203. Stamps I can buy almost anywhere.
204. Finding the closest mailbox.
205. A cold drink of water on a hot day.
206. Tiny clip-on book lights instead of lamps.
207. People who took the time to encourage my daughter on her first day of school.
208. The kids got through their first week of school!
209. Responsiveness of the teachers at school to Nic's special needs.
210. Hubby safely home.
211. Our shipment  didn't come while Troy was gone.
212. Target and Home Depot with my hubby.
213. A daughter who offers to cook dinner for us on our anniversary.
214. The loan of a car while we save some money to buy our own.
215. A daughter who sends e-cards to her parents for their anniversary.
216. A fun preliminary interview.
217. Friends who come over with food, candles, spices and a card.
218. The brand-new iron still works (for now) even after I dropped it on the floor.
219. NINETEEN years of wedded bliss.
220. A boy who brings his dirty laundry upstairs and puts it in the laundry sorter in the right spot, with an occasional clarification from Mom.
221. Being able to get as many spare keys as I'm willing to pay for.

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