Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just another morning

it's steamy already, I can feel it
even in the house with air conditioning on
happy dog at the end of the leash,
hoping today will be the day
she finally catches a squirrel
we walk to school
kids ahead,
dog and I lagging behind
to read the morning dog paper.

On the sidewalk by school
3 girls cluster
one with big fat tears on her cheek
the other girls chatter protectively
trying to get something out of her
I look at my own
the talling slim one
that allows a goodbye kiss
but will not kiss me in return
not at school's door

I hope that when troubles come
it'll be me
standing on the sidewalk
watching her cry

home again
dog blissfully sacked out on the cool floor
just another day
just another beautiful day

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