Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue Behemoth of a Chair

Since we are still waiting for our stuff, (as far as I know, it's sitting in New Jersey, waiting to go through customs) we have a scarce hodge-podge of furniture. We have four tall stools at the island in the kitchen, four borrowed folding chairs and a "butterfly" camping chair, (thanks, Prosise family! :) ) one desk, three bed-side tables, three mattresses and two blow-up mattresses. Charming, I'm sure.

Recently we checked out a well-known thrift store in Chicago, the Brown Elephant. We found a big old rocker/recliner that would work well in Meaghan's room (although for now it's in the living room and we all fight over whose turn it is) and it was only $18, so we bought it.

Then, we took the bus back home, and reserved the only I-Go car that was available near us, a Prius. Troy drove it to pick up said chair.

Man, that chair was massive. I looked out the window to see Troy backing into a spot, with the chair in the back, and the back hatch door of the Prius wide open. As in, straight up. He had indeed driven home with it open because it was the only way the chair would fit. It's a good thing I wasn't with him, or I would have protested, and then there would have been an argument discussion and no good would have come of it.

Then we had to haul that chair up the stairs into our apartment. This thing was HEAVY. I thought I was going to break a bone on the way up the stairs, or drop the chair on Troy and send him plummeting to his death, squashed, for the sake of $18.

He looked up at me, raised an eyebrow and said "I think we are going to need help moving our stuff in."

And I was like, "Well, DUUUUUH!"

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you, the blue chair.

The end.

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