Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday #6

  1. We survived the first week of school! So far it seems to be going pretty well. Meg is breezing through her math class, so maybe she'll get moved to the "gifted" program. We shall see. I requested a meeting with the 5th grade teaching team to make sure they are all aware of Nic's issues and they have already scheduled one so I was gratified about the quick response.
  2. I had a really enjoyable interview today at North Park University. It was only preliminary and it will probably be a couple of weeks before I will hear about any next steps, but I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with the two great women who interviewed me. It's in God's hands; but I would love this job!
  3. In a happy surprise, I got a 10 YEAR green card in the mail today! I was expecting to have a one-year thing that I would have to renew, but it's all shiny and good until 2020. It also came with a protective envelope "to protect from wireless communication with it"? Yikes! I don't even know what that means! Do you think that means I can use it to check Facebook? :)
  4. It seems our shipment is headed via rail to Chicago and should arrive in the next couple of days. We are praying that Customs in Chicago will not request a physical exam of it and that perhaps we could have it early next week. It appears that trucking and delivery is indeed arranged, although surprise surprise we only have TWO hours to empty the container. We will be asking pretty much anyone we know in Chicago for help :)
  5. Next week should be a GREAT week. It includes our 18th wedding anniversary, a visit from my Dad and hopefully the delivery of all our bubble-wrapped belongings :)
  6. So I signed up for this thing call Swagbucks where you get points for searching the internet and other ways. I'm interested to see how it will go, but considering how often I look for something online, it seemed like it was worth a try!
  7. I saved the best for last! Troy comes home tomorrow after being away for 12 days. We are all very happy that everything will be back the way it should be soon!
Happy Friday, everyone!

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