Monday, August 9, 2010

1000 Gifts

Back in March, I started my own list of 1000 gifts, but I wanted gratitude to become a way of life for our whole family. When we arrived here in Chicago, I bought a notebook from Staples (recycled from sugar cane waste no less! :) ) It sits on the island in our kitchen and it's there for anyone in our family (or anyone else that comes into our home) to record their gratitude.

131. Gas stoves with bottom broilers.
132. Corn on the cob!
133. MintOreos.
134. Coffee creamer in yummy flavorts.
135. Recycled (pretty) notebooks at Staples.
136. Gel pens.
137. The time to be able to help our friends by cleaning their apartment.
138. The promise of a picnic in our house with our friends the Thompsons on Monday (this got postponed several times, so I was even MORE thankful when it happened!)
139. Going to O'Hare on Friday to get Mary.
140.Netflix streamed on the Wii.
141. Ice maker in the freezer (Troy)
142. Happy to see Mary!!!! (Lisa)
143. Yeah! Kristen and Dan married. (Lisa)
144. Happy Heather and Troy are in Chicago. (Lisa)
145. Good friends and good food. (Lisa)
146. Lunchables. (Mary?)
147. Aldi just down the street. (Troy)
148. Fixing Nic's toy with him. (Troy)
149. No flooded basement. (Troy)
150. Having an update on our shipment. (Troy)
151. The public library that's just a walk away. (Troy)
152. Meeting new people in the neighborhood: Mary, Pat, David, Jerry, Jim, Tracy, Carl, Dylan. (Troy)
153. Long conversations with Joseph from the Czech Republic. (Troy)
154. Being able to use a car and get around easily these past few weeks. (Troy)
155. Wifi. (Troy)
156. The fact that Lexi is settled into a routine now. (Troy)
157. Friendly people when we registered Nic & Meg for school. (Troy)
158. Good customer service. (Troy)
159. Meg's $18 armchair. (Troy)
160. Lots of visiting friends. (Troy)
161. A family that works together. (Troy)
162. Fireflies. (me again now)
163. Evening walks with my hubby and the dog.
164. Learning to be OK with giving up dreams.
165. Intercom phones so I don't have to yell downstairs.
166. A leisurely stroll through the grocery store on my own.
167. A daughter interested in learning to cook.
168. Dads and son who cook dinner too. :)
169. A Staples store right next to our house. (I think she has my addiction :) ) (Meaghan)
170. Long phone calls to friends.
171. Phone calls from my Dad in Brazil.
172.Thrift-store place-mats.
173. Jammie days.
174. A husband who cackles while he does dishes.
175. The simple pleasure of smooth ink against the page.
176. Collecting addresses in my book like treasures.
177. Thank you for your use of your fabulous washer & dryer. (My friend Sabrina after they got 4 feet of water in their basement.)
178. For a school to walk to. (Meaghan)
179. For friends who USE the phone number you send them :)
180. For being chosen.
181. The disappointments that help you grow up and get over yourself a little more.
182. Three buck Chuck.
183. Only a few more days until Troy is home.
184. The impending excitement of our shipment arriving (maybe next week?)
185. Dinner with my Uncle Ian and Aunt Faye who we haven't seen for 10 years!
186. That we all survived the first day of school.
187. Central AC (first time I've EVER lived in a place with it, but it sure helps with the humidity!)
188. An impending visit from my Dad.
189. A car to borrow until October or maybe even February!
190. The Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend.
191. Internet radio.

holy experience

For more thoughtful gratitude, visit Ann at Holy Experience.


  1. 192 The encouraging journals of my childhood friend! (Kathryn)

  2. Central AC??? Ok the Elders are definatley not feeling sorry for you now! Phill

  3. I love this idea! Totally gonna steal it. ;-)


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