Monday, June 7, 2010

Gathering my scattered counting from 90

holy experience

On Friday night, my laptop screen (and maybe more but can't really tell) went off and will not come back on. I am pleased that my soul has learned to deal with these things in a much healthier way. I have not even taken my computer in, and may just leave it until we get back to the US.

Anyway, I have been a bit scattered this week and not very deliberate about keeping track of thanks, but crave the routine and discipline.

From 90...
90. My husband's passion for mentoring people.
91. Cooler temps (and yes, rain!!) heading this way this week.
92. The kids finishing two great years at ECA, and all it taught them.
93. The chance for our kids to use that foundation to be salt and light in their school and our neighborhood next year.
94. OUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD :) We will have a lease for our new place by the end of the day today.
95. Hanging out with friends.
96. A broken computer than forces me to use my time more wisely.
97. My husband's working computer that he so nicely shares so that I won't completely lose my mind.
98. Shorter days now that my kids are done with school and I get done at 1.
99. Freedom to wait on getting my computer fixed.
100. Wisdom to know that it's OK to stop counting for today...
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