Monday, May 10, 2010


holy experience

A flowery umbrella
Friends in Chicago who who are excited we are coming, and are willing to help us apartment-hunt from afar. (You rock, Kristen & Dan and Theo!)
Baptisms and weddings in July!!!
SCC's last 2 albums
The million shades of green in spring
Clean sheets
Letting others take the empty seat on the metro.
Bus rides through Madrid
The shuffle feature on my MP3 players that seems to be able to read my mind sometimes.
Hoping and dreaming of good things ahead
Having a winter coat to pull out of the closet when the weather goes back to being cold.
Seeing God's redemption is so many different situations.
Watching young men give their seats up on the metro.
Watching women stare the ones who don't straight in the eyes.
Being able to pray with the kids again in the morning when I drop them off at school (when we were taking the bus we did not have enough time.)
Little games the kids and I play in the car.
Mother's Day presents, cards and croissants and chocolate napolitanas.
Sunday afternoon spent with friends.
My hubby taking care of all my immigration paperwork.
Having all my stuff ready with a day to spare before my appointment at the embassy.


  1. I love your thanks about the Metro. This week especially I've really noticed interesting cultural things on the Metro...I think I could just ride around for a while and people watch and would be thoroughly entertained!

  2. sounds like you have a lot going on! wow. we love chicago :)

    and yay, I feel a bond with you because I too am so thankful for, mp3 players, traveling, apartment hunting, spring... yeah. I also LOVE the people who handle all our immigration stuff...

    amy in peru


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