Monday, May 24, 2010

Counting up from #61

61. Resting (mostly) peaceful in the hollow of His hand as we wait for His provision in HIS timing.
62. Walking the dog in shirt-sleeves and jeans.
63. Taking the time to process, cry, dream with my daughter.
64. Allergy medicine.
65. Kleenex.
66. Margin in life.
67. Friends who believe in us and what we do enough to support us financially.
68. Surviving a day in the English room without my lovely coworkers to keep me company.
69. My visa!
70. A phone call with an offer to help junk the car, and good news that it is not as complicated as I thought.
71. My son's tender heart.
72. My husband's patience with me.
73. Grace, in so many shapes and sizes.
74. Quirky people.
75. Hope for a good landing place in Chicago.
76. One ticket bought.
77. Payday, and the many generous people who make that possible.
78. The roof over our heads.
79. God answering one of my Friday-morning-out-loud-in-the-car-stressing-on-the-way-home prayers as soon as I got home.
80. Grown-ups who value my daughter's13-year-old friendship.
81. A daughter who trusts her parents to make wise and careful decisions for her future, even as she grieves the losses.
82. A better exchange rate.
83. Phone calls from friends (and the hope they will call again tonight since we weren't at home. :) )
84. Babysitters who understand, and give comfort hugs.
85. Having to wait.
86. Being at the end of my own capability to do anything about a situation.
87. Blackberry chats with wonder boy on the bus.
88. Generous friends who lend us their car (It's worth counting more than once!)
89. Knowing the church will carry on just fine without us.

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