Monday, May 17, 2010

Counting from #48

holy experience

48. Massive banks of poppies in morning light.
49. A husband sitting in the passenger seat to fix the passenger-side mirror just so.
50. American customer service at the embassy.
51. The promise of a visa soon to come.
52. Pollos Alcala with more than 20 people.
53. More and more "big" things crossed of my "before-we-move" list.
54. Watching my community group members teach us about the fruit of the Spirit.
55. My husband's grin when he finds a place to watch NHL online.
56. Chocolate cobbler that was so yummy (and easy) I made it two nights in a row. And I don't even like to bake.
57. Giving my son his Lego back. It's really meant for younger kids, but he didn't really want to sell  it, and nobody at the garage sale bought it :)
58. A responsible daughter who practices her music stuff without any prompting from Mom. She makes lunches too! :)
59. Finally some warmer weather and sunshine.
60. Facebook chats with friends from high school.

I was bad this week at keeping track, so I know if I sat here longer I would think of more, but it has made me motivated to keep better track this next week.

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