Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jury rigged

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I have been praying that our 16-year-old Ford Escort, (affectionately known as "Ford" in our family) will last until June, when we can scrap it. Awhile back, the driver's side door stopped latching properly, but I found that if I rolled down my window, held the door closed tightly and locked it from the inside, it would lock and stay latched. When I got out, I could lean on the door and lock it with a key.

Yesterday I decided to wash the grime off the car, which was apparently a bad idea. Several times on the way to pick up the kids, the door popped open. I thought I hadn't closed it properly, but soon realized that it was temporarily broken just not planning on staying closed. Ever. Again.

I managed to tie the door closed enough to get home safely, and Troy and I spent some 90 minutes trying to fix it. He took the door panel apart and tried about 43 different things.

Um, yeah. The door is now held closed with a strap around my seat. To enter and exit car, I have to pry myself out of my seat, (and my seat is ALLLLLL the way forward so I can clutch properly), climb over the gearshift and emergency break brake(I apparently have lost all spelling ability since I spend all day try to get kids to say Spain instead of ehSpain) and get out any other door.

I am too cheap too pay to have the dang thing fixed since we only need it through the beginning of June.

**Alternate titles for this post include:
We're so ghetto
Pass the duct tape
Seriously? I mean, REALLY?


  1. Another possible title for this post: "A Stupid Guy Tryin' To Mend a Stupider Door."

    Yesterday was fun!

  2. This made me laugh. I love your verve and the way you can laugh at a broken car!

  3. I'm laughing too. And remembering a taxi ride I had in West Africa. The floor boards were rusted through and the passenger door didn't close, so that taxi driver kept reaching over to hold my door shut whenever he wasn't shifting gears. I held on whenever we negotiated a turn!

    3 more months to go. I think you're going to look forward to those IGO cars!

    By the way, Heather, I've added a comment column to my blog. Would you like the honour of being the first?


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