Monday, March 8, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

50th Woking Drama Festival 2008, originally uploaded by PTMoore.
I am ready for a break from drama. Understand, I am married to a thespian (and in our son he has a mini-me) so drama comes daily.

But oh, the drama that comes with ministry; I am ready for a break.

The drama that comes from people saying things they shouldn't.

The drama that comes from people not saying things they should.

Snits, spats, snarks, snides, suspicions.

When the buck stops with you, you are a drama magnet. Everyone's drama,uniquely theirs, becomes collectively yours.



  1. Heather, before Charlotte was born I worked as the admin at the church we were at in North Carolina. I absolutely understand the drama you are talking about that comes with ministry. Even though it can be so frustrating, I think the drama helped me to see how much God was working in people's lives...the drama exposed God's work.

  2. Really good reminder, Anne. Thanks!


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