Monday, March 22, 2010

The counting

holy experience

I notice this idea over at Ann's blog. Often, I am impetuous.I rush in willy-nilly, pell-mell, grasping. I truly desire to go deeper with God, every day, a little more. I take note of my own will, my tendency to use trappings and systems in place of plain, old-fashioned discipline. I sit. I wait. I mull. I tuck a small notebook in my purse. But I don't write. Not yet.

I giggle with my spiritual director about the to-do list I set for myself during Lent. Truth be told, I leave the stack of books mostly stacked. I print some photos for my prayer book, but I don't necessarily pray more. No journaling yet. 

I am sometimes aimless, jittery as we wait. Wait for word of our future. I try to sit quietly, my hands still, with Abba. But my mind, oh my mind, how it races and bounces.

But today is the day to begin counting. Today, the beginning of a count to 1000, and beyond.

1. Cooking dinner with Meg and jamming to worship music together.
2. Nic sidling quietly up beside me, to lean in for a hug and a cuddle.
3. Spending a quiet, rainy day with my hubby. Filled with mundane things, but we are together in the journey.
4. Walking by my daughter's room in the morning before school and hearing her pray out loud about something. And seeing her carry her Bible to her Dad, asking about something she has been reading.
5. Worshiping at church, full of gratitude for what my church community means to me, even while I grieve its impending loss. be continued. You can read about Ann's Thousand Gifts here.


  1. So thankful you are sharing your list, Heather! It's funny...I'm normally the opposite of you, thinking and pondering things and then never getting around to DOING them. When I started my list last week, I really felt it was b/c the Lord was saying "no waiting this time, just action". :)


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