Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday #3

Lent has been a harder season for me this year than in the past 3 years. Being off facebook has made me feel disconnected in an uncomfortable way, not in a peaceful, quiet way. I think it probably has most to do with being in transition. I feel a bit aimless. 

However, I know that the difficulty makes it worth it, so I am struggling to embrace the discomfort and using it to grow.


That said, my friend and coworker Amy and I decided to keep each other accountable so that we could get on fb once a week during staff meeting for a short period of time. We actually use fb quite a bit for "work" (events being planned and held, new people at our church looking to get connected etc.) so this seemed like a good way to do it.
More than once this week, as I read the news about yet another earthquake, I thought about Jesus saying this in Luke 21:
 10-11He went on, "Nation will fight nation and ruler fight ruler, over and over. Huge earthquakes will occur in various places. There will be famines. You'll think at times that the very sky is falling.
We're having another cold wave. It was snowing a little bit on the way back from dropping the kids off at school this week. I am longing for spring; I need to do something in the way of exercise. It would be great to at least be able to go for a walk.


I have been wishing this week that carrot sticks seemed like comfort food to me. Instead, I have been fighting the urge almost every day to eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I have resisted, but I seem to be reacting to transition with the desire to eat large quantities of junk food 24/7.


Yesterday I shared a blog I found recently, Holy Experience. I have really wanted to get back into journaling but have been having a hard time with it. Ann has beautiful posts and photos about journaling. They feel like God's gift to me, and I am soaking them up slowly, instead of just setting forth unreasonable expectations for myself.


We use Godly Play at church for the kids, and this Advent/Lent wreath that Ann's son Caleb makes resonated with both Troy and I. Such a cool idea!


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  1. I love Holy Experience. It's a little breath of peace and beauty in my Reader.

  2. Good for you for sticking with your goal for Lent even though it is hard. I think that it is hard for people to admit that sometimes giving things up does *not* feel good in any direct way.


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