Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spreading In

Our friend Kelly introduced us to this term; which basically means making room for one more person on the couch. I like to use it in more general terms too. To me, spreading in will mean that I have fewer moments where I feel like “butter spread over too much bread.”

One thing we hope to gain in our move this summer is a spreading in of our life. At the moment, we live on the edge of Madrid. Most of our friends don’t live anywhere near us. It takes the kids and I between 30-40 minutes to drive to their school in the morning, more if there is bad traffic. Even our physical life is spread too far out. No kids can randomly come over after school, no friends a few doors down can come over for an impromptu dinner. When there are school meetings that don’t start until 5, that means I have to send the kids home with someone else so they can eat dinner and get homework done, and I won’t be home until less than hour before they get in bed.

For now, we flex and deal with it. But I am looking forward to spreading in, soon.

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