Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like Butter Spread Over Too Much Bread

One of my biggest struggles in this season is feeling like I am not able to do any of my "jobs" well. To be fair, I often hold myself to unattainable standards, but still. I feel like a slacker homemaker, a mediocre English teacher, an unimaginative cook, a distant friend, an aloof lover, a wan reflection of a wife, a less than award winning mother, a pathetic follower of God, a shoddy pastor's wife, an absent comforter of friends who are ill, a bad administrator...the list could be endless.

But God reminds me that He only asks me to lean on Him today, to let His strength be mine. In me, through me. In this season, there are many things on my plate. It's guaranteed that I will not do all of them well. Guaranteed that I will fail, in big things, and small.

Sometimes it's hard for me to come to grips with the fact that despite all that, Jesus loves me. He loves me just like I am. But I will keep reaching for Him.

So even when I feel like butter spread over too much bread, I am grateful!


  1. It's no fun feeling like this, but it's not a permanent state. =]

  2. number one: I love the new blog look.
    number two: I still think you're great.
    <3 Victoria

  3. Hi Heather,

    Isn't it fabulous that God receives us when we feel shoddy, absent or pathetic and tells us we're precious, honoured and beautiful? It's good to see you pressing into him as the stressful season kicks in, just as we anticipated it would. You'll get there!

    I'm glad I thought to look if you're writing again ... and thanks for linking to my new site! Love ya lots. Elizabeth


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